Hi!  Thanks for visiting my website and wanting to know a little about me!

I worked for the 2nd largest health insurance company for 30 years, achieving the level of Director. Although my life in Corporate America was highly successful, my creative side never felt fulfilled, so in May of 2015, I left to pursue my passion for photography. Scary; yes! Fulfilling; absolutely!

I share my life with my husband of 28 years, a standard poodle and two cats. I'm an introvert (so I'm not super chatty) with a love for nature, animals, kind people and chai tea lattes.  

As of 2018, I am a published working dog photographer:

- K-9 Cop Magazine - Feb/March 2018 (Cover)

- Police K-9 Magazine - March/April 2018 (Interior)

- Working Dog Magazine - May/June 2018 (Cover and Interior)

- Working Dog Magazine - July/August 2018 (Interior)

- Police K-9 Magazine - July/August 2018 (Interior)

- K-Cop Magazine - Dec/January 2018/2019 (Cover)

- INK October 2020 (Interior)

If you would like to reach out to me, you can email me at kimcarino2017@gmail.com

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